In Avance we have ploters next-generation for digital printing of large format posters in multiple media, photo-quality, tough on the outside and with ecological and recyclable latex inks, with 3 year warranty. The printing width of one piece is 2,64 meters and can overlap by welding, creating tarps of any size, to cover walls or any other surface. Latex Inks are odorless and are not flammable, so its use is recommended for interior decoration and many other applications. It is the most common and also the best-selling classic canvas banner advertising. It is made of a plasticized fabric (PVC coated polyester) with a weight of 510 g / m2. By using the latex curable inks, a superb print quality by emitting less volatile compounds and odor, not harming the environment is permitted. The frontlit canvas is waterproof and sun without altering the colors after being wet. If you are looking for manufacturing photocall tarps, banners birthdays, weddings and all kinds of events, the canvas is the most appropriate solution.



Printing of this material is of photographic quality, water resistant and fire retardant quality. Application: pennants, customizing tents, banners, photocall, roll-up, pop-up, etc. Finishes: perimeter reinforcement, eyelets, pods, varnished



Micro printing of this material is photo quality, but due to micro canvas loose color intensity, is waterproof and fire retardant. Application: is used for outdoor and places which can be windy as facades. Finishes: perimeter reinforcement, eyelets, velcro, sheaths.



Same features as the FRONTLIT canvas but its use is for boxes with inner light or illuminated signs.